what is tinted all day cream? 

it's a nourishing & durable face cream made for wear in the elements which we tint naturally using cacao powder and oxides. our cream is a natural physical barrier for your skin, literally a shield for your skin in the harshest of elements,

made from natural ingredients, no nasty preservatives or fillers. 

what's in it?

40% zinc oxide (Non nano), local beeswax, olive oil*, coconut oil*, cacao powder*, cacao butter*. 
* Certified organic & fair trade. 

who is it for? 

everybody! if you're in the surf or the snow, at work or play, you need sun & earth. designed for all skin types & ages, sun & earth is for the whole family!

how long will it last in the surf?

Thanks to the ultra sticky local beeswax this stuff will last for hours in the surf. we put 40% zinc oxide in the mix which provides a physical shield, so long as you can see the cream- it is working for you!

We recommend you reapply every 4 hours. 

How do I remove Sun & Earth? 

Some folk like to rub it in for that post-surf glow, some sacrifice a beach towel or rashie, while others carry a pack of eco-wet wipes in their beach bag for the purpose. Whatever works for you is the best way to remove Sun & Earth...we just leave it on all day! 

what about nano-particles 

we will always use non-nano zinc oxide. 


We recommend you do a patch test on your skin before you apply liberally for the first use. If you develop any signs of sensitivity discontinue use.